Welcome to Rebel with a Closet, a lifestyle website born out of one very simple question:

Why the heck can’t Indian girls wear shorts?!

Pictured: Not a sari

Join me on this digital journey to a nonconformist land where rotis aren’t always round, where life’s purpose isn’t just to settle down with a “suitable” husband, and, most importantly, where donning shorts shouldn’t be the difference between being considered respectable versus scandalous.

Trying to rectify what it means to be an Indian girl living in a global world can be frustrating. Born in Bangkok and raised by American TV, I have always struggled to find the balance between respecting my somewhat conservative traditions and the allure of the “I can do whatever I want when I turn 18” mentality (although, unfortunately, I’m a long way from 18 and still haven’t figured much out).

This website is my attempt to marry all my different identities – while hopefully avoiding an arranged marriage in the process.

Through style posts, cultural musings and personal anecdotes from my so-called “rebellious” life, I hope that this space also helps you feel more comfortable in your caramel-to-curry-colored complexions.

So sit back (like a proper lady, of course), relax and grab yourself a nice cup of masala chai… wait, whaddya mean you don’t know how to make tea? What kind of “good Indian girl” are you?!

Vodka it is then.




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