Now that I’m well into the last trimester of my pregnancy with about two weeks to go before I’m supposed to push out a baby (it feels like ripping off a band-aid, right?!), wearing attire that doesn’t solely consist of pajamas is getting more and more difficult.

My lovely baby is thriving in my belly which means I’m constantly devoid of energy and my ass has more blubber than I’ve ever seen in my life – although I’m not sure it’s fair to blame an innocent child for my big butt when the cause may be the box of chocolates that’s permanently attached to my hand.

Despite extreme fatigue and a changed body, I’m determined to finish this pregnancy in style. This has posed quite the challenge as my tummy became super huge and many types of clothing don’t feel flattering anymore – it’s more like fattering, amirite?!

Enter the maxi. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure why these long dresses seemed to be the go-to choice for pregnant women. Sure, it’s comfortable but wouldn’t you want some excitement in your look before you’re stuck wearing clothes that are covered in spit-up? It seemed so predictable – the outfit to expect when you’re expecting – that I tried to limit how much I wore them throughout my nine-month expansion.

However, I now add these words to the chocolate I eat. After some trial, error and a stint of sobbing on my closet floor because it’s too hard to pull up pants anymore, I’ve decided that maxis are indeed the most fashionable choice for the last (swollen) leg of pregnancy. I present…

Top 10 reasons why your bump needs a maxi

1. You’ll be glad to have a long dress that covers up the ginormous feet and cankles that will inevitably happen as your pregnancy progresses.

2. Once you can’t bend to shave your legs anymore, maxis are not only practical it’s essential.

No one will ever know what grows under there

3. You can take the most basic maxi dress far with the right layers and accessories. Throw on a scarf, some statement jewelry, a utility jacket, or even a simple denim jacket.

4. Although many maxis are feminine or too beachy for everyday life, you can style them androgynously or edgily through your footwear. Try boots, gladiator sandals, or sneakers – whatever suits your personal style and fits when your feet start looking like a large sausage in a tiny casing.

An empire waist and utility jacket add some edge to this lace maxi from Again & Again

5. It literally keeps you covered; as your bump becomes a blimp, maxis help ensure your belly doesn’t stick out from a shirt that’s too short and pants that are too low.

6. You can finally embrace (stretchy) bodycon maxis without worrying about appearing fat. When you’re not pregnant, these dresses may look and feel too unforgiving especially if you haven’t regularly been eating fiber. Now that there’s no question your belly is carrying a baby instead of too many burgers, proudly flaunt your figure without insecurity.

7. Maxis allow you to incorporate non-maternity wear; simply layer jackets, blazers, cardigans, vests or button-down shirts over the dress (you’ll probably have to leave it open, of course). This helps keep the look fresh and you get more mileage from what’s already in your closet.

8. Don’t just stick to dresses. Long robes are a great piece for layering and adding versatility to the most basic base. It’s also a great way to balance flowy and tight silhouettes. Not to mention that you can rock the robe well after pregnancy.

This robe and slip dress combo makes for a great “pajamas as outerwear” look

9. Maxis are readily available with empire waists, which is perfect for keeping your bust and bump well defined. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by too much material so this look will flatter your curves and give the illusion of elongation.

10. And if nothing else, you can use the yards of fabric to hide your face when anybody and everybody constantly bombards you with nosy questions and advice like what kind of parenting style you plan to employ, if you will breastfeed, the sex of the baby, your baby’s name, if you’re 100% sure you’re not having twins, if you plan to have another baby right away, that you should have another baby right away because then you’ll never lose the weight, and then of course, rubs your belly because why the heck not!

Where to buy cool non-maternity maternity wear (in Bangkok)

One of my main pregnancy style goals has been to be creative with shopping at non-maternity stores. It’s important to keep your life and wardrobe as normal as possible when everything else is about to change drastically. I also refused to invest in pieces that I couldn’t wear after pregnancy.

Scouring vintage stores became my favorite activity because bye-bye bars and sayonara social life. It’s so thrilling to find a unique piece that can last as you balloon up and shrink back down.

For maxis

A selection of maxi dresses at Again & Again

Again & Again offers funky vintage pieces and clothes designed in-house. I had the most luck here finding maxi dresses with bohemian and flirty vibes. Lots of elastic empire waist dresses are also available. Top tip: I suggest getting the elastic on any vintage item changed (DIY if you know how, or take it to any tailor) so that it lasts longer and can stretch based on your growth.

For robes

Handmade sequin robe from Treasures

Be warned: Browsing Treasures when you’re super pregnant and can’t fit into most items feels so unfair because of their stunning collection of vintage pieces from bygone eras. However, they have beautiful robes (handmade and vintage) that make you wonder how your outfit ever survived without it before. Top tip: Flowing robes are great over bodycon dresses as a long silhouette helps balance out your bump. Wear the robe open or cinch it below the bust to create your own empire waist. Stay stylish, momma!

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