All good rebels know that there are certain rules for dressing if you want to make it out of the house without a fight, and avoid hearing your mom bemoan what she did in her previous life to make you turn out this way.

This may pose interesting challenges when it comes to defining your personal style. But, don’t hide your “real” clothes in the bushes outside your home just yet! In this series, we’ll explore some of these seemingly outdated rules and ways to overcome them.

Rule #5:


Made to hold up everything from berries to watermelons, a good bra is necessary in some cases based on your personal choice. Maybe you prefer (and need) the support it offers. Perhaps you just feel weird for not wearing one in public. Or more likely, you’re addicted to that blissful moment of satisfaction that comes from taking your bra off as soon as you get home.

But for all that bras do for us behind the scenes, never has anything caused as much contention as when its straps decide to rebel and reveal itself.

I’m sure 100% of people reading this* have, at many points, experienced a horrified woman or even stranger telling them, “Your bra strap is showing”.

(*Chances are I’m the only one reading this hence why I can make such a bold statistical claim.)

After expressing her astonishment, said horrified woman has literally gone so far as to tuck my exposed straps into my shirt or pulled up my dress to hide the unsightly undergarment.

Am I suppose to say “Thank you” to these benevolent women for keeping such a disgraceful thing as a bra strap out of sight? Is the next logical step asking the kind soul to help me pick my wedgie as well?

I’m not exactly sure when and why this became a “thing”. Who decided that visible bra straps is an offensive sight? Is it one of those things that should be unspoken and unseen, like women and their hair removal routine or the fact that we do more in the bathroom than powder our noses?

What’s the alternative? If I went out not wearing a bra, that would also raise some eyebrows, wouldn’t it? Personally I feel uncomfortable without a bra in public – if you’ve ever been braless over a speed bump, you know the struggle is real.

True, sometimes bras ruin the appeal and sexiness of items like spaghetti straps but larger busted women may require them and there’s no harm in letting a pretty bra strap be seen in conjunction to a tank top. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the burden of hiking up your strapless bra at least 15 times while wearing it.

Fashion has also seen bras being intentionally exposed in an outfit. Bras are being worn over shirts, lace bras are put on to peek out from a cami, a bandeau can serve as a top, and regular bras can be worn with strapless tops. And let’s not forget CK who has made it a cult symbol to let your undies show.

Sometimes these looks work, sometimes they don’t. It comes down to personal choice. But why should we try to hide something that is known to be worn by many women? It’s like another way to hide the fact that we are women.

If a bra strap is exposed either because the wind took it down, it’s being annoying and slipping off the shoulder, or it’s deliberately showing, who’s to tell us to conceal it? Should we not let our bra straps fly free because all our boobs will eventually sag to the ground anyway?

Bras are meant to offer support – now why can’t fellow women be like a good bra and hold others up instead of cutting into them like underwire?

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