Considering the number of websites out there almost equals the population of India, thanks for finding your way to this one! Sure, a misguided Google search pertaining to closets, rebels and – probably less so – “Rebel Wilson’s closet” may have brought you here, but why don’t you stay and hang out? Who knows, you might even like it when you read what it’s about and realize that you totally fit in.

“Rebel with a Closet” (RWAC? Or is it way too soon to appoint this site with an acronym?) may sound like the weird tagline of a Marxist revolutionary who only had her wardrobe to defeat the oppressive powers that be (“More taxes? Sorry, these cashmere gloves weren’t made for filling out forms!”).

"I am Scarf-tacus!"

“I am Scarf-tacus!”

However, that’s not quite what’s happening here at RWAC (yay, I knew it would stick!). To put it in professor-esque thesis terms, this site aims to explore how societal and cultural restrictions shape an individual’s fashion and lifestyle choices.

To put it in whiny 10-year-old terms, why can’t I just wear what I want, dammit?!

I love clothes. My conservative Indian culture also loves clothes. It just happens to love the kind of clothes that cover women up. This didn’t always bode well for me during the Great Cutoff Shorts Summer of 1999, or when tops decided to unleash the midriff.

My 10-year-old self would assume it only had to do with the garments itself. At that time, it was more about the angst over why all my non-Indian friends could easily order the spaghetti straps from the dELiA*s catalogue, or that their parents never said anything about them wearing shorts (although now I suspect it’s because non-Indian legs aren’t as hairy).

One way to cover up unshaven legs

One way to cover up hairy legs

But to say it’s just about the clothes is too simplistic.

How we present ourselves is rooted in our traditions, culture and upbringing. This can mean different things based on numerous factors – the society you belong to, your surname, the general proclivity for gossip in your town…

It’s easy to let naysayers inhibit who you are; it’s a much wiser choice, however, to ignore them and do what you want anyway. (Note from my future self: Sumati, you will so regret these words if your children find this website.)

So, Rebels – attire yourself without fear and toss out any judgment like you would last season’s shoes. Your closet is your strongest weapon.

Now, if only you could find something to wear.


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